Wellness Gift Box

ITEM NO. 5718C


Give the gift of Sahara Tea with our beautiful Wellness Gift Box. Available in each of our five collections, this gift includes two tins of loose leaf tea, a 60/pack pouch of Fill & Fold Filters, custom Sahara Tea gift box and ribbon. A savings of $5.00.

Collections include:

Purifying: Steeping Beauty & Tummy Tamer
Slimming: Burn Baby Burn & Skinny Genie
Energizing: 100 Mysteries & Grey's Gift
Calming: Nirvana & Chamomantra
Refreshing: The Mango Tango & Sweet Victory

Note: We are happy to customize our gift boxes with your own selection of our loose leaf teas. If interested, please email us at info@saharandco.com

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