Wellness Wednesday: Ways to prioritize relaxation everyday

Natasha Milner

Posted on June 14 2017

It’s hard to find time in our busy schedules to relax.

We are constantly compelled to work in this 24/7 world we live in. Just when we finish one thing, we're onto the next in a heartbeat, leaving no time to go to waste. 

So we have a suggestion for you; try adding relaxation to your daily to-do list!

Just like any other task, prioritizing relaxation and incorporating it into your routine, even if it's just for a few minutes, is something we as human beings need in order to function throughout the day.

Relaxation, when done right, helps alleviate stress, calm the body and mind, and provides us with a better headspace to take on the day ahead!

Here are a few ways we like to incorporate relaxation into our everyday routine.



In the morning, we try to start our day earlier than what we would normally need to get ready. This gives us time to slowly wake up, make a cup of one of our energizing teas - 100 Mysteries is our favourite for that early morning boost without added caffeine - and enjoy a moment of calm before jumping into our morning routine. 

Giving yourself that extra time, whether it be 10 or even 30 minutes, to relax and be with your thoughts is the key to starting the day off on the right note.

We find that staying off of any technology during this time also helps us get in the right mindset and allows us to be in the moment. It’s truly a magical feeling.



It’s often difficult to find time outside of your busy day to give your mind a break. Here at Sahara & Co, we encourage our employees to take short breaks whenever they feel it's necessary because we know that the best ideas come from a clear and positive mind.

If you have a lunch break at work, we recommend taking the time to get outside. Make yourself a cup of one of our refreshing iced teas, either Mango Tango or Sweet Victory, and step out for some fresh air. You will come back to work feeling more energized and alert than before. 



It’s to easy to get caught up in work even when the working day is over. Thoughts and ideas are still circulating through our heads in anticipation of the days ahead. It's important to give your mind a break and take that much needed time to nurture and replenish your body.

The best way to do this is to schedule time right after work to do something that will clear your head. Whether that be yoga, meeting your friends for drinks, or just relaxing at home, having something to attend to after work allows you to leave the working day behind and give yourself a much deserved break while doing something that will further enhance your life. 



The PM is so often the designated time for relaxation and for good reason. There is nothing better than running a bath with your favourite essential oil, sipping a warm cup of our calming Chamomantra or Nirvana tea, and kicking it back with a good book.

We also love to burn one of our beautiful soy based candles during this time to set the mood and fill the room with a calming aroma to enhance your relaxation.

Try and keep this time technology free in order to prepare you for a better night's sleep and fill your mind with more positive thoughts. 



Sleep is truly a beautiful thing; it is the most important and natural form of relaxation. So make sure you are getting enough sleep in order to rest your body and mind. This is the key to a more productive and mindful day ahead.

As our schedules change everyday, it's important to give yourself the flexibility to set aside time to relax. Find what works best for you and make it a priority in your life. Eventually, it will just become natural and your mind, body, and soul will thank you for that.



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