How to Incorporate Fitness into your Life

Natasha Milner

Posted on July 18 2017

We are looking to some of our fitness inspirations to see how they incorporate fitness into their lifestyle. One of our muses, mom, model, athlete and superwoman Gabrielle Reece, wrote some of her best tips for staying active on her blog. We’ve summarized her best tips that will transform your fitness routine.

  1. Find a workout you love! Exercise can be a grind, or sometimes challenging, but you shouldn’t be dreading a sweat sesh. Find an activity you enjoy and thrive at, and stick to them! If you love the outdoors, focus on exercising in the park. Find it difficult to motivate yourself? Join a group class or find a running buddy! Scheduling workouts you look forward to will make it easier to stick to your fitness plan.
  2. Compete! Not everything in life should be a competition, but many people find that some friendly challenges can really motivate them to work harder. Sign up for a fun run or a charity run that is a few months away to help you have something to train for. You can also use fitness trackers, like Fitbit or Strava, to watch your progress and compare it against friends. These small data comparisons may help you continue to strive to hit your personal bests, and who doesn’t want to have bragging rights?
  3. Put it in your calendar! You wouldn’t miss a doctor’s appointment, so why should you skip a workout? Staying healthy through exercise is just as important as your annual check-up, so put your times in your calendar and treat it as such. Mark the times you are going to train, where you are going to go and what you should bring so when you get the alert, or look at your planner, you know that you have to go since you made the appointment with yourself.
  4. Believe that you have time! If you think you only have 10 minutes to move, just take that time! It is better to do a little something than nothing at all. If you can squeeze in a couple minutes frequently throughout the day, like doing 10 squats while your coffee is brewing or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, all those small efforts will make significant deposits into your fitness bank.

Thanks for the tips Gabrielle Reece! 


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